Winter Garden Update

It has been nearly three months now since I first set up these vegetable gardens and a lot has changed so it is time for a winter garden update.  I started this little garden project to show you can harvest fresh vegetables all year round with a bit of planning and not much hard work.

Winter Garden Update
Winter Garden Update

As it’s been winter, growth hasn’t been super quick but there was still a lot to be harvested, including pak choy, celery and all the assorted lettuces.

winter garden update

When some of the pak choy were pulled out, it made room for broad beans which I planted at the start of August. I also sowed some carrot seed as well as planted garlic bulbs at the end of June. I prepped the empty space in the second bed (between the broccoli and Kale) for potatoes with plenty of Tui Sheep Pellets and planted an early potato variety in the middle of August.

The remaining pak choy are starting to bolt because the weather is warming up so these will be harvested soon and make room for the spring seedlings that will be planted in September.

A continuous cycle of planting and sowing will ensure the beds are never empty and there is always something to harvest. The cabbages, broccoli and cauliflowers that I planted from seedlings in June will be ready to harvest at the end of spring. I also sowed seed alongside the seedlings and these should be ready to harvest in autumn. This ensures a staggered harvest so you don’t have 8 cauliflower ready at once!

When planting a continuous amount like this, it’s important to keep up the nutrients in your soil by adding lots of organic matter. I routinely add Tui Sheep Pellets as I plant new plants and as spring arrives I will add a bag of Tui Organic Compost and Tui Organic Vege Mix into the garden beds, just a bag of each split over the two beds. I will also rotate the crops so the same kind of vegetable isn’t  depleting the same soil.

Then I’ll mulch, mulch, mulch with nitrogen rich pea straw.

Spring Planting

Come September I will be adding tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, beans and spring onions. It will be a tight squeeze in there for a while!

A Slideshow of the Garden Progress


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  1. Wow, this beautiful lush veggie garden is doing very well but i can see that this is only possible when the soil is well prepared and with a lot of planning ahead to keep the garden going. Like with any living organism, it needs tender love and care 🙂

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