Winter in the Garden- A Mini Series

Everything looks so crisp and clean in the winter. The cold air makes things seem so bright and defined. Winter is hibernation time for many plants but there is still a huge range that you can plant.

In today’s post I’m going to show you a range of plants that are winter friendly, as I revamp and refresh two forlorn garden beds. These two beds belongs to a busy professional couple who enjoy fresh food but don’t have much time to maintain a garden.

Using a great range of Tui Garden Products, I turned this patch of jungle into two easy to maintain, yet productive vegetable patches. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for a quick time lapse of how it all went.

 This post is going to be a part of a mini series, all featuring this same small garden through out all the seasons. I’ll be visiting back every three weeks to record the progress, as well as replanting and resowing.

Everything planted now will be ready come spring but unfortunately nothing was growing in there before we started so there was nothing to harvest immediately. With a bit of planning and a small dose of work, I hope to avoid this next winter. By continuously planting and refreshing every season there should be something to harvest every time.

The Process

Obviously the first thing that had to be done was the clearing of the overgrown weeds. Fortunately there was weed matting under the pebbles so that clearing wasn’t too difficult. The actual beds themselves weren’t hard either as the soil in there was nice and soft so the weeds could be removed easily.

In future, pulling out the weeds when you see them pop up will save a big overhaul like I had to do. Even if they’re weeds with long roots, and you can’t pull the whole thing up, you’ll weaken the plant if you keep ripping off the top. Eventually it won’t grow back.

The next step was refreshing the soil. All those weeds would have leached all the nutrients so it was important that I put them back in. I had a great range of Tui Garden products to use for this.

Firstly I used Tui Super Sheep Pellets. They’re an all natural boost for your garden, with a great amount of nitrogen and potassium. They break down quickly and condition your soil and your plants will ❤️ it.

Winter Garden Sheep Pellets

Next I added Tui Compost. It’s an all natural product that works as a soil conditioner and with added blood and bone, it provides great nutrients to your plants. It contains gypsum too which works to break down clay. This wasn’t an issue in these raised beds but it definitely helps when you’re working with harder soils.

Lastly I added in Tui Vegetable Mix. It’s a specially formed planting mix with all the right nutrients for any sort of vegetable. I added this over top and raked it all in.

I had a whole bunch of seedlings to plant in the garden so while I was clearing it, I was soaking the seedlings in a mixture of water and Seasol– a liquid seaweed fertiliser. Pre soaking the seedlings helps to prevent transplant shock.

The vegetables I planted were: Sweet peas, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, garlic, pak choy, celery, lettuce, beetroot and red onion. There was so much more I could have planted but I ran out of room.

With the beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peas and kale, I sowed seeds alongside the seedlings. When the seedlings are big and being harvested, the seeds shouldn’t be too far behind and will stagger out the harvesting time.

Lastly I mulched the plants with Tui Mulch and Feed. I wanted a mulch that was substantial and could keep these seedlings nice and warm over winter as well as provide more nutrients for them to grow.

Once everything was planted I watered with a mixture of water and Seasol. Liquid fertilising with Seasol over winter is important, it’ll make your plants stronger to cope with the cold as well as feeding them quickly and efficiently (much quicker than a granule fertiliser).

Now the garden is planted but the planning is just starting. This is the very important bit- you need to make sure you get your seeds and seedlings in at the right time to ensure a continuous harvest, Any time you pull a whole plant out and leave a hole behind, fill it with a new one! The soil will be soft and worked through for the new plants.

See the latest update here! 

A Winter Garden Time Lapse

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  1. Coooool video! What an awesome time lapse! I couldn’t stop watching! Makes me wish we could have a vege garden at my place 🙂 love your work x

  2. Very easy to follow the process with this video! I like what you have made for the sweet peas to climb on 🙂

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