This easy vegan garlic mayo recipe makes a thick and creamy vegan mayonnaise with a great garlic kick.

This chickpea brine is also known as aquafaba.

When legumes cook in water, they release proteins, starches and sugars that really resemble egg white protein.

Aquafaba doesn't have many nutrients in it but it makes a great egg substitute if you are vegan or have egg allergies.

First blend the brine, vinegar, mustard, salt and garlic.

Then oil is poured in slowly while the mixer mixes.

Adding it slowly will prevent the mixture from separating. You want to achieve a nice thick emulsion.

Then taste it and season with a little more salt if you think it's necessary.

This is so good served with chunky roasted vegetables or in a potato salad.

The mayonnaise will keep in the fridge for to 2-3 weeks.