June in the Garden- Time for Tree Planting

Winter is a good time to get in the garden and plant some trees and shrubs. Deciduous trees (ones that lose their leaves), can put their energy into growing and strengthening their roots. Perennial flower bushes such as roses, also use winter to establish their roots, in time for spring when the new growth happens.

In most parts of New Zealand, winters aren’t as cold as other parts of the world so our ground is nearly always pretty workable. Once the tree is in the ground though, it is important to mulch it well to keep the roots warm (especially further down in the South Island.)

Deciduous Tree Planting and Perennials

Tree Planting

When planting deciduous fruit trees or perennial flowers into the ground, Tui Garden Mix is a great and versatile mix for all sorts of trees and plants.  It’ll provide your plants with nutrients to quickly establish roots with the aid of blood and bone and sheep pellets.  Plants don’t do well in waterlogged soil and Tui Garden Mix improves drainage too.

Choose a sunny spot. Some plants need more sunshine then others so it pays to check for each specific tree or plant.

When removing the plant or tree from the pot it came in, make sure to loosen the tangled roots at the bottom, especially if it’s been siting at the nursery for a long time and has become root bound. (Read more about root bound plants here.) Everytime you plant a new plant it’s a good idea to pre soak the roots in a bucket of water and Seasol to avoid transplant shock.

When planting your tree, ensure the soil does not go higher up the base of the tree than it did in the original bag or pot.

Citrus Tree Planting

You can still plant citrus trees now too but they can a bit more frost sensitive. Waiting til the end of winter is an option but so is planting in pots. When you plant a tree in a pot, the soil is always that little bit warmer than when it’s in the ground. You also have the option to move the tree around to sunnier spots as the sun travels.

Their are many dwarf variety of citrus available which are perfect for a pot on the deck.

Tree Planting

When planting trees in a pot, Tui Pot Power will give your plants all that they need. It contains seaweed to get those roots developing quickly and a fertiliser that will feed your plant for up to 6 months. Just like with all trees I plant, I pre soak the roots in Seasol and water.

When planting citrus in the garden, use Tui Garden Mix as well as Tui Citrus Food. The citrus food is not necessary when you are planting in pots. To replenish nutrients for potted trees, use Tui Novatec Premium Fertiliser.

Again, when planting your tree, ensure the soil does not go higher up the base of the tree than it did in the original bag or pot.

Tree and Plant Maintenance

Keeping your plants and trees well mulched and well watered is key if you want them to do well. Mulch with Tui Mulch and Feed as this provides nutrients as well as a warm layer. Plants need to be regularly watered in their first 6 months while they get established.

Fertilise fruit trees in spring using Tui Novatec Premium Fertiliser.

Tree Planting (peach)


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  1. It is lovely that one can keep planting trees, shrubs and flowers in winter here. It is a great way to introduce colour to a winter garden 🙂 The garden looks colourful and inviting whole year round! And what a wonderful environment to work in. Very rewarding!!

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