Soup in the Garden- Being Self Sustainable

Have you ever read the book, Bootlace Soup by Anthony Holcroft? It was one of my favourites as a child.bootlace soup

A tired and hungry hunter comes out of the bush one evening and asks an old couple for a meal. They say they have no food in the house. That’s fine, says the hunter. He pulls out one of his bootlaces and tells the couple this will make a delicious soup. All it needs is an onion. They get the onion. Oh and a potato. They get the potato. Oh and a pinch of salt- and so forth.

In the end the ‘bootlace’ produces a delicious soup when the old couple had initially thought they had no food.

What’s the point of me telling you this story? Well it’s sort of what I base my vegetable gardening on. Even if the cupboards are bare and I can’t get to the shops, I can always get enough from my garden to make a ‘bootlace’ soup.

Minus the bootlace.

self sustainable pak choi

It’s pretty cool to be self sustainable like that, even if it’s just the basics. You can make a good soup with pretty much any garden greens so there’s nothing specific you need to plant.

I think it’s a cool little message to keep in the back of your mind- always have a soup growing in your garden. ❤️

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  1. Beautiful! A homemade soup made with nourishing ingredients from the garden is not only replenishing for our bodies but for our souls as well. You feel and taste the love that’s being put into the growing and harvesting of the ingredients and into making the soup 🙂

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