July in the Garden- Planting Strawberries

Nearly half way through winter! Now is a great time to get some strawberries in your garden. Strawberries need a period of cold to ensure they flower and fruit well.

In today’s post I’m setting up a patch just for strawberries. Strawberries are one of those plants that doesn’t grow too well with a lot of other edibles so I like to keep them separate.

Some of the products I have used today are Tui Strawberry Food, Tui Strawberry Straw and Tui Strawberry mix. Head on over to my Facebook page for a chance to WIN all of the above!


Ensuring you have a good soil starting base is key for strawberries.

I first added Tui compost to this empty garden bed followed by Tui Strawberry mix. It’s specially made just for strawberries with extra potassium for a big juicy crop. It also contains Saturaid, which is a soil wetter and helps with water retention (another must for juicy strawberries!)

To this soil I added Tui Strawberry food.

Garden bed for Strawberries

After planting the strawberries, I covered the area with Tui Strawberry Straw. It’s not pea straw, it’s made from barley so you folks in the Wairarapa can use it too. (Pea straw is banned there for now, because of the Pea weevil). Then I watered them well. It’s important to do regular watering as the weather warms up for juicy, plump strawberries.

The straw should be replaced as it breaks down, about every season.

As the strawberry plants grow, they’ll start producing runners. Once these runners have rooted, snip them off the parent plant and replant them as their own individual plant.

A strawberry plant will keep on fruiting year after year but yield will decrease. After about 3 years the older plants can be replaced with some of the newer baby plants. That’s the beauty of strawberries: once they’re established you won’t ever need to buy new plants!

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