How it works

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to go in your garden every day and pick a basket of fresh, delicious, homegrown produce? If growing your own vegetables is something you have put in the too hard basket (instead of a vegetable basket…), or if you simply have no time, then I can help.

If this is your first venture into the world of vegetable gardening, I can help you pick the most ideal spot in the garden and install a vegetable patch. If you already have a pre-existing spot, I can help revive this and get the soil into tip top condition to ensure a bumper crop.

How it works:

I start by assessing the site I am working with and choose the most ideal spot.

Once the site has been picked and frameworks put up, it’s time for the most important part, the soil. I cultivate and nourish this so your starting base is a nutrient rich bed for your produce to grow successfully. Soil structure is vital in the vegetable growing process and I will work hard, ensuring your soil is at its optimum condition.

I also offer maintenance of your vegetable garden every season to ensure a continuous vegetable supply. (Naturally, what vegetables you grow will depend on season). If it is just a one-off vegetable garden build that you want to maintain in the future, I offer a garden outline, specific to your patch that outlines what is planted, when and what needs to happen in the future to ensure a yearlong supply.

If your place doesn’t have an actual garden, I have options for decks and balconies too, with planter bags, boxes and pots.

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