April in the Garden- Autumn to do List

Little steps now will result in big leaps come spring. Use this time, before it gets really cold to get organised around the garden.

Clean up your leaves

Rake up those leaves that the trees have kindly dropped for you, into a pile. If they’re wet, let them dry out for a day in the sun. Then, shred them by running your lawnmower over them. Add this carbon rich leaf goodness to your compost bin, alternating with green materials (such as lawn clippings and kitchen scraps).Autumn to do List

Green Crop on your garden

Will you be using all of your vegetable patches in the winter? If not, it’s a good idea to plant a green crop to add nitrogen back into the soil come spring time on those unused. Green crop can include a mix of mustard seeds, peas, lupins, buckwheat and oats.

Plant spring flower bulbs.

Welcome in spring with a colourful display. Plant your spring bulbs now and when the time comes they will pop and let you know the end of winter has come and spring is here. Add Tui Bulb food whilst planting to ensure bigger and better flowers.

Autumn to do List

Daffodils, freesias, crocus, tulips…

Comfrey Mulch and Liquid Fertilizer

Comfrey  is super beneficial plant in the garden. It grows like crazy, with deep roots that take nutrients from the soil and stocks these in its large leaves.

Comfrey leaves can also be shredded and used as a nutrient packed green mulch all around the garden or made into a liquid fertilizer, a ‘comfrey tea’.

In a large bucket, fill it about 3/4 full with cut up comfrey leaves. Fill with water until the leaves are covered. Cover with a lid and let it sit, stirring with a stick every week. The leaves will break down and rot quite quickly and the water will turn a very dark brown- then it’s ready to use. Dilute to a ratio of 10:1 and use as a fertilizer for all your vegetables.

To grow comfrey, ask around to see if anyone has any growing already and if you can have a piece of comfrey root of one of their established plants. It’s such an easy and rapid growing that it’s a shame to buy it. As comfrey grows so rapidly, take care that you don’t end up with a weed instead of a super herb. In spring, split off some of the comfrey root to keep the plant at bay.

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