July in the Garden- To Do List

July in the Garden- To Do List

To sow this month: broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower,peas, snow peas, radish, rocket, onions, lettuce, swedes, turnips, silver beet, carrots

To plant from seedlings this month: asparagus, Chinese cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, lettuce, onions

As always, there is still plenty to do in the garden.

If you’re keen on the idea of homegrown fruit, it’s still a great time to get some fruit trees planted. Choose a nice sunny spot and dig a large hole that’s double the size of the tree’s root ball. If your soil has poor drainage, add some Tui Garden Mix to the bottom of the hole. Place the tree in the hole and fill with Tui Garden Mix and compost.


It’s getting to that time to plant potatoes. Start chitting them now, to force seed potatoes to sprout. This takes about 4 weeks. Place them in a single layer in a cool light place, but not in any direct sunlight. Once the sprouts have long and strong shoots, keep the strongest 3-4 shoots and rub off the rest. Then they can be planted out. For fail free results, use some certified seed potatoes, such as Tui Certified Seed potatoes as these will ensure a healthy crop

While your potatoes are sprouting, you can use that time to prepare a bed. Dig in lots of compost and well rotted manure or sheep pellets to your soil.

When it’s time to plant your potatoes you can add Tui Potato food to give them an added boost. Dig long, deep trenches in your soil and place your potatoes in the trenches, about 20cm apart. Cover them with about 5cm of soil. As the potatoes grow and green leaves pop out through the soil, keep mounding them with soil. This will stabilize the long green potato leaf stalks and stop the potatoes from reaching the light (which would make them turn green and poisonous). 


Plant strawberries now for some early spring treats! Read my strawberry growing post here.


Keep on mulching those garden beds. The weather in NZ hasn’t been too kind lately so to stop that rain leaching away all those nutrients in your soil , get that mulch on.


A not so fun bit. Use the soft soil to your advantage and get on top of your weeding. There’s that old saying, ‘One year seeding makes seven years weeding.’ So heed the advice! It’ll pay off in the end I promise.

Happy Gardening!

Soup in the Garden- Being Self Sustainable

Soup in the Garden- Being Self Sustainable

Have you ever read the book, Bootlace Soup by Anthony Holcroft? It was one of my favourites as a child.bootlace soup

A tired and hungry hunter comes out of the bush one evening and asks an old couple for a meal. They say they have no food in the house. That’s fine, says the hunter. He pulls out one of his bootlaces and tells the couple this will make a delicious soup. All it needs is an onion. They get the onion. Oh and a potato. They get the potato. Oh and a pinch of salt- and so forth.

In the end the ‘bootlace’ produces a delicious soup when the old couple had initially thought they had no food.

What’s the point of me telling you this story? Well it’s sort of what I base my vegetable gardening on. Even if the cupboards are bare and I can’t get to the shops, I can always get enough from my garden to make a ‘bootlace’ soup.

Minus the bootlace.

self sustainable pak choi

It’s pretty cool to be self sustainable like that, even if it’s just the basics. You can make a good soup with pretty much any garden greens so there’s nothing specific you need to plant.

I think it’s a cool little message to keep in the back of your mind- always have a soup growing in your garden. ❤️

July in the Garden- Planting Strawberries

July in the Garden- Planting Strawberries

Nearly half way through winter! Now is a great time to get some strawberries in your garden. Strawberries need a period of cold to ensure they flower and fruit well.

In today’s post I’m setting up a patch just for strawberries. Strawberries are one of those plants that doesn’t grow too well with a lot of other edibles so I like to keep them separate.

Some of the products I have used today are Tui Strawberry Food, Tui Strawberry Straw and Tui Strawberry mix. Head on over to my Facebook page for a chance to WIN all of the above! Read More

Nature’s Free Seedlings

Nature’s Free Seedlings

When you think about adding to your garden, it’s natural to assume you’ll need to spend some money. I’m not talking about the vege garden this time, I mean your whole garden, trees, shrubs and all. People building houses from scratch often leave the landscaping until way after their house is completed as this part is usually such a drain on the budget.

If you visit a plant nursery it’s easy to see why the money adds up so quickly. Even if you find a low-cost $7 plant, if you need 20 of those it’s suddenly not so cheap. Now what if I told you there’s a free plant nursery right in your neighborhood? That’s right, and she’s called Mother Nature. Surprisingly (except not really), nature is managing to continue reproducing seedlings without human help.

They’re literally everywhere*, all you need to do is look! Read More

Seasonal Produce Chart NZ

Seasonal Produce Chart NZ

We live in a weird world where it seems perfectly normal to buy tomatoes all year round 🤔. You can’t grow them in winter so why should we be able to buy them?

Want to know what’s in season in NZ? I’ve made a seasonal produce chart to help.

Read More

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